Greatness From Germany

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Greatness From Germany

SPIRE Academy volleyball player Camilla Kahlich, the 6’1 outside hitter from Heidelberg, Germany, is a force to be reckoned with. Already training in the third league for her state in Germany she is now playing for SPIRE Institute.

Did we mention she is only 15 years old? For Camilla, age has not limited her from playing her favorite sport. Being the youngest on her league in Germany gives her the determination to keep achieving her goal of playing on the first league in her state.

As a part of SPIRE Academy, student athletes attend Andrews Osborne Academy for academics and then train at SPIRE Institute. With the school year in full swing Camillla says her favorite subjects in school are Math and History. It might be a surprise to most people but when it comes to her favorite parts of training, she likes enjoy taking ice-baths or running in the snow around the football field.

When asked about attending SPIRE Academy Camilla said, “Everyone is so very, very nice…it’s like one big family here at SPIRE and with my own family all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, that has been very important to me and to my parents.”

At SPIRE Institute we find that it is important to give our players the best experience possible. This means supplying our athletes with elite coaches. “I have been blessed to have the greatest coach who has taught me so much about how to be a great player.  He has shown me how to compete at another level” says, Camilla.

In return, Volleyball Director John Hawks says, “Camilla is a fantastic athlete for her age and I see big things from her in the future.  She is determined to be great and she has a tireless work ethic and a drive that is rarely seen in girls her age.  I’ve loved working with Camilla”

Eventually Camilla plans on playing in the first league in Germany and playing NCAA Division 1 volleyball in the United States as a scholarship athlete.

Camilla is another example of an athlete with great potential and determination and SPIRE Institute is dedicated to helping Camilla reach her goals.

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