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Super Sophia

Sophia Witterick-Laskin is taking the swimming world by storm in the water and the classroom.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Sophia is in the states to focus on her goals. By attending SPIRE Academy Sophia gets to train daily while attending high school.

 “Sophia is an amazing person with infectious attitude!” says Coach Sarbak. 

If her swim times won’t impress you then maybe her 4.2 GPA for the last three semesters will. SPIRE Academy hold their athletes accountable that they are student athletes. Sophia knows that school is just as important as swimming.


I know I have to work just as hard at my academics.” says Sophia.

Being only 15 years old, Sophia has already been at the provincial/state level for five years and has competed at one Canadian National Championship.

“She has grown so much as a swimmer and an athlete since she has been here.” Says Coach Sarbak, “It is attribute to all of her hard work and dedication that she has had the success that she had!”

Her next plans are to get a qualifying time for the Canadian Olympic Trials in 2016. Her long-term goal is to swim for a division 1 college.

Until then Sophia enjoys her time off by practicing photography, wakeboarding and snowboarding.

Sophia represents everything SPIRE Academy has to offer. She takes full advantage of swimming in the pool, training at MJP and furthering her education. "My favorite part about SPIRE is my team and my coach. I train with a hardworking, enthusiastic group who loves to swim just as much as I do."



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